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What shall we create? Why and for whom? Are the requirements clearly understood? If the demands and goals are clear, good design gives meaning to inanimate objects and can move people deeply, emotionally. tela-design conveys spirit, insights, ideas, and any other message you desire. We bring emotions to areas that otherwise are directed purely toward efficiency and profitability.

The hospital environment is one of the most important issues, because there it is a matter of making people well.

The traditional office, which often displays intrinsic shortcomings in design, furnishings, and aesthetics, condemns companies and individuals to remain far below their potential.

Design, properly applied, improves how a guest experiences a hotel. It is broadly applicable, imparting emotion, atmosphere, and identity to every service.

Generally applied, design offers the means to increase the value of businesses for shareholders and to delight customers with an elegant, yet no-less-effective product.

What shall we create? Why and for whom? Clearly understanding our customers’ concerns and recognizing their goals make it possible for us to solve their problems.

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