Wood Composites

Wood composites such as chipboard, medium-density fiberboard, veneered plywood, among others, acquire a durable surface by means of printing or direct coating. Colors bind themselves to the surface to produce a smear- and scratch-resistant surface similar in its characteristics to HPL.

Sheet dimensions in mm: 2500 x 7000
Sheet thickness in mm: 1 - 70

Custom sizes on request
Thickness as needed, depending on the panel

Reaction of the surface to chemical stress according to DIN 68861-B
Test ratings (0 = very good to 5 = poor):

Acetic acid (60 min)    : 1
Ammonia water (2 min): 1
Ethyl alcohol (60 min) : 1
Acetone (10 sec) : 1
Disinfectants (10 min) : 1
Rinsing solution (60 min) : 1

Scratch resistance (EN 438.2)    2.5 N

Sun test (EN ISO 105 B06): no change up to Step 6 (wool scale)

Direct Coating
The surface is a direct coating of melamine (DIN 68 765)
Building-materials class: B1 or B2 (DIN 4102 particle board)

Sheet dimensions in mm: 2450 x 1230 or 3500 x 1260
Sheet thickness in mm: 8 - 31

Stain resistant (DIN 53799)

Resistance to fading guaranteed (DIN 53799)
Reaction to water vapor: no visible change (DIN 53799)
Mechanical and chemical stability as described in DIN 53799
Reaction to scratching (DIN 53799) > 1.0 N

We offer ABS or melamine edging up to 3 mm thick.

Braille Marking for Guidance Systems, Signage, Informational Signs in an Innovative Process
Braille printed on all smooth substrates such as glass , plastic and metal , laminates and composite panels and others with our innovative process. This novel creation of Braille on substrates is inexpensive, uncomplicated, and very flexible. In comparison to conventional processes, for example, the length of a Braille text is unlimited.

Wood Composites
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