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sound absorbing

Fiberglass with latex foam

>>more Fiberglass with latex foam as acoustic wallpaper with a smooth- or embossed surface for reducing reverberation time within a room.  · Roll Width: 100 cm · Thickness: approximately 3 mm  ·

Acoustic PMMA/PETG

>>more Acoustic PMMA/PETG, finely-perforated plastic panels with an image printed on the back, serve as a sound insulating, decorative material. By means of subtle perforations having a hole-diameter of

Finely-perforated steel sheets

>>more Finely-perforated steel sheets with an acoustic layer, are used as paneling and ceiling decking for sound insulation. Suitable for cooling ceilings. Thermally conducting. · Hole diameters of 0.7


>>more MDF acoustical panels, whether slotted or perforated, achieve a high degree of sound absorption. Various hole- and slot spacings are possible, resulting in a range of acoustical values. Well-suited

Backlit acoustic fabric

>>more Polyester fabric can be backlit, is wrinkle-free and elastic; optimal for stretched-ceiling lighting and textile architecture. Backlighting with LEDs produces beautiful, uniform, illumination. The

Acoustical wallpapers

>>more Acoustic wallpapers in various thicknesses and surfaces are a decorative and economical way to reduce the noise level in a space. Sound-blocking averages between 25% and 55%, depending on wallpaper

Acoustic ceiling canopies

>>more Sound-absorbing ceiling canopies made of aerated glass are an effective, decorative way to improve the acoustics of an existing space. Color and shape are entirely up to you. Free-floating ceiling

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